The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve that problem it will avail us little to solve all others.”   Theodore Roosevelt

Stroll along Lake Michigan on an August morning.

Who’s Watching Our Lakes?

The Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition (WGLC), that’s who! And who are we? Our members are private citizens who recognize the need for education and research to preserve and protect the Great Lakes and the quality of life it communities and visitors enjoy. For more information, read on.

More and more organizations around the Lakes are becoming aware of the problems they face so meetings are being held throughout the basin to decide what to do. Our input is needed because we are the only group on the Lakes that is representing the public that uses the Lakes and the approximately 30,000 people who actually live on the Lake Michigan shoreline. We don’t want these other organizations, well-intentioned as they are, to speak for us. It’s not cheap – we travel to Canada, Washington DC, and other states; we meet with lawmakers, regulatory people, and other environmental and business groups; we publish newsletters and send out other mailings; we give presentations to any interested citizens’ groups.  That’s why we need you. You’ve been very generous in the past and we appreciate it very much, but as you can see, our Lakes need our constant attention and to do that we depend on the help of our members.

Anything you can send will be appreciated.

Thanks for your continuing support.

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